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As a team, we pride ourselves on our diverse backgrounds and expertise in the engineering, consulting, and project management fields. Our team members have worked with a variety of stakeholders in the management, supervision, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects all over the world. This diverse range of experiences has given us a deep understanding of the technical aspects of infrastructure construction, as well as the ability to plan and effectively manage the various tasks and activities required to complete a project.

Our team members are skilled problem-solvers who are able to think critically and make sound decisions in complex situations. We also have a strong focus on prevention and are able to identify potential problems and take corrective action before they occur. This combination of technical knowledge and management skills makes us well-equipped to lead construction projects and ensure their success.

In addition to our diverse backgrounds and expertise, we have also worked to develop an integrative methodology that combines the latest project management tools with the knowledge and experience of the academy and various actors involved in construction projects. This methodology has allowed us to create a technological solution, known as PMO ROOTS, that is currently in the process of being patented. PMO ROOTS is designed to respond to the information needs of each stakeholder in a construction project, ensuring that everyone has access to the data and documentation they need to make informed decisions.

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